Joanna Coy

San Francisco

Ms. Coy specializes in valuations of business entities and intangible assets for financial reporting and tax purposes. She has prepared hundreds of complex business valuations to support mergers and acquisitions, 401(k) investment consideration, marital dissolution, ESOP transactions, investment financing, bankruptcy, estate and gift taxes, franchise sales and IRS/ERISA compliance.

Prior to joining American Vauemetrics, Ms. Coy owned her own service franchise and held corporate finance positions responsible for divisional compliance, revenue recognition, internal auditing, vendor contract management, scenario planning, and financial modeling. Ms. Coy combines her extensive experience in analyzing real-world business situations with the theoretical application of various valuation approaches to derive highly defensible and fair appraisal values. The combination of experience with both large and small companies gives her expert ability to analyze companies and compile sound valuations.

Ms. Coy has a BA from University of California, Berkeley in Economics and Political Science, Magna Cum Laude, is a member of the National Equipment and Business Brokers Institute and holds Senior Business Analyst and Certified Machinery & Equipment Appraiser credentials. In addition, she holds certifications in Fraud Detection, Internal Audit and Total Quality Management.