Valuation Firm Styles Differ

A stand-alone accounting professional, a CPA firm, a business broker or a valuation company.  You have options.

The higher your leadership position, the less the job is about you, and the more it is about with whom you surround yourself.   No one can know it all, so having others who bring outside perspective, resources and skills that you may not have becomes critical to being successful in navigating the external world of investors, SEC & IRS compliance and compensation plans.

In the areas of valuation, planning and financial analysis, American ValueMetrics brings these skills and tools to your company when you need them, for as long as you need them and only when you need them.

A Key Resource for Management

AVM will fill in your management team with decades of operating, finance, M&A, brokerage and litigation experience.  Accountable to you, and responsive to your needs, AVM is the optimally sized firm of senior experts with a low overhead structure that helps you control cost.

Personal service from a firm partner is another key aspect of AVM’s offerings.  Response times are quick, with valuation leadtimes typically one to three weeks from data submittal.  Valuation focused, AVM has the intellectual capital to support projects of all kinds.


In a competitive market, AVM’s operates with a twenty-first century business model that takes advantage of internet connectivity and a distributed workforce.  Without the marble floored office space of large firms, AVMs cost structure is less, providing significant cost savings.  As a valuation-focused firm, we provide economies of scale on smaller projects versus CPA firms and part-time valuators.

Experience & Analysis Integrity

Pattern recognition is an important contributor to success in valuation and investing.  Each AVM analyst has worked in industry with P&L responsibility, venture capital or mergers & acquisition experience providing an added level of integrity to the analyses.   Mark Twain once said that history doesn’t repeat itself, but it rhymes. If you can identify a rhyme (that is, see a pattern) relating to the current situation, then you can develop a framework to analyze and predict it.  This is where the expert ability to draw parallels becomes helpful.  Building analogous frameworks is an antidote for linear thinking that can lead to poor valuations and business plans; it helps us see the wider picture and facilitates the creation of appropriate financial models.

Third Party Validation

An important consideration for limiting personal liability of the CEO is found in having a third party produce the business valuation.  The IRS offers ‘safe harbor’ in this case.  Third party valuation also appropriately allows the accounting firm or CPA to stay in their public certified advisor role – evaluating the results of a valuation instead of supplying their opinion of value – and sets them at arm’s length from a potential conflict of interest with their recommendations.

Reliability & Dependability

AVM’s opinions are defensible in court, with the firm holding a 100% success rate in defense of its opinion.  Most disputes are settled because AVM valuations are sound and address all relevant aspects in a manner that ensures that they merit consideration by the court.

As a member of NACVA and other industry groups, AVM is current with legal opinions and changing industry standards.

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