Why American ValueMetrics

With over 10,000 appraisals completed, and specializing in valuation, AVM provides you significant advantages.

  • AVM employs proven business executives who are better equipped to analyze enterprise value than those crafting appraisals on a part-time basis or a newly minted MBA just out college.
  • AVM has proprietary heuristic valuation models that differentiate on factors such as company size, growth, risk and industry and include value for strategic aspects.
  • AVM’s report format is acknowledged by the IRS and others as meeting expectations for structure and the requirements set out by previous court cases and regulations.
  • AVM invests in the best and most current data sources, ones that small firms and part time appraisers cannot afford.
  • All valuations are reviewed by a second analyst ensuring quality, credibility and reliability.
If all the economists in the world were laid end to end, it wouldn't be a bad thing.
Peter Lynch


By avm February 5, 2016 In
Proposed IRS regulations to eliminate discounts for family limited partnerships (FLPs) are to be released comment, but never seem to arrive.  The Obama Administration proposed changing the law over several annual budget proposals in order to restrict or eliminate valuation discounts on transfers of interests in family-controlled entities. The Administration was not successful in having the...
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Since mid-2012, a steady increase in median revenue from $350,000 to $450,000, led to higher small business sale prices. Overall, this year's small business transaction data is following the trend of the past few years: steady activity along with improving financials. Although total transactions are on pace to fall three percent from peak 2014 levels,...
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INTRODUCTION The valuation process typically does not assess the underlying company accounting policy and procedures. However, it is important for stakeholders to be aware of accounting conventions, and to vet them in any due diligence effort. The following is a discussion of different accounting policies and what risks they might introduce. Accounting guidelines allow companies...
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BUSINESS GOODWILL IN CALIFORNIA FAMILY LAW Three issues must be addressed in valuing business interests for the purposes of property settlements in family law. They are: Personal vs. Institutional Goodwill (Personal and Professional Goodwill are similar in nature – personal applies to all types of companies and professional applies to professional practices (i.e. medical practice,...
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Once a simple concept – reward employees for participating in the growth of a company’s value via stock options – incentive compensation has now become a very complicated area of tax regulation and accounting. At least since the creation of “qualifying stock options” in 1981, the IRS has required that options be priced at or...